History of Hasty

In 1955 a group of businessmen in an area west of High Point, saw a need to provide fire protection in their community. On September 24, 1955 they incorporated 10-A Fire Department. The Fire Department was named for its location on Highway 10-A. Bottoms and Fiske Trucking Company donated the chassis for the first truck.In 1960, High Point extended its city limits westward and annexed the fire department. On November 7, 1960 the heirs of B.E. Payne estate sold the Fire Department land for a new station at the cost of $10.00. The new station was built on its present location of Joe Moore Road at the intersection with Burton Road. The new station was completed in 1961 with the help of firefighters and the community. The building consisted of three (3) bays, an office, sleeping quarters, two (2) baths, and a kitchen / meeting room. On May 15, 1962, the members of the community voted to establish a tax district to support the Fire Department.

In the spring of 1980, members of the community became concerned about the lack of interest in the Fire Department and its ability to provide adequate fire protection. Many of the members of the Board of Directors resigned, requiring a public meeting on June 12, 1980 to reorganize the fire department. After the reorganization, the citizens in the community felt that the Fire Department should carry the same name as the community it served. On September 28, 1980 the name was changed from 10-A to Hasty Fire Department, Inc.

The Fire Department began to grow and soon there was a need to expand. Two (2) additional bays were constructed in July 1982. Later a meeting room, conference room, administration office, and a bath were added to the building. The number of trucks grew from a pumper, tanker, and a brush truck to three (3) pumper/tankers, a brush truck, a rescue/utility unit, and an ambulance. The services expanded to include rescue and first responder BLS care with the formation of the rescue squad.

Past and Present Fire Chiefs

The following individuals have provided leadership of the department by serving as chief

A. B. Roddy 1955-1961
Y. R. Wright 1961-1980
Jeff Cecil 1981-1985
Ralph Johnson 1986-1987
Jeff Cecil 1987-1994
Sam Guthrie 1994-1996
Mike Craven 1996-2000
Steve Craven 2000-2006
Chris Mendenhall 2006-2011
Dale Draughn 2011-2014
Zach Jordan 2014-2019
Kelly Meredith2019-Present